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How to Style Versa x Crocs This Autumn 2022

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Who would have guessed the shoe that sparked many debates in previous years would return to be trendier now more than ever? We’ve come across some easy, refreshing ways to wear your crocs - from masculine to feminine, and we are here to help you learn how to style them out in 2022.

If you're looking for a neutral autumnal look, Versa’s Chalk Hoodie and Jogger set with the new beige classic lined crocs are the perfect match; giving you comfort, and warmth whilst still looking put-together. Layer on a few different tones and textures with scarfs, hats, or perhaps a padded black gilet to ace the ultimate autumn loungewear look!

Black crocs are an easy intro into the world of crocs, and look even better when paired with a simple white tee and essential black sweat shorts, as seen in the mood board. This casual look could use a black puffer jacket to keep you warm in the autumn breeze. Adding white socks is sure to add a little prep to your step.

When you doubt how to style a pair of crocs… go white! A simple pair of all-white crocs go with anything. An effortless everyday ensemble is pairing your crocs with Versa’s bestselling black sweatshirt! Add a classic pair of black cycling shorts and white accessories for a bold monochrome look; maybe a white crossover bag, alongside a pair of Versa’s very own white socks and white sunglasses.

Just like crocs, cargos are one of the most polarising pieces of clothing. So why not pair them together? Grey Cargo pants and Grey crocs paired with the Versa black hoodie is the ultimate go-to outfit... This unofficial uniform will always leave you looking pulled together no matter what the weather this autumn.

Finally, let's talk jibbitz!!
Jibbitz, for the uninitiated, are the clips you can attach to the top of your crocs. The better way to play up your footwear! Maybe eventually we will bring out a Versa Apparel croc charm…Never say never.

If you try any of these looks or want to show us how you style these pieces, we’d love to know! DM or tag us on socials - @weareversaapparel

Thanks for reading! Team VA X


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