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Would you match with your significant other?

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we have one simple question for you…

Would you match outfits with your significant other?

You probably have an opinion on this highly debatable topic but if you’re staying at home for Valentine’s Day, why not find a bit of fun with a matching outfit? After all, it’s supposed to be a romantic time for couples. So if you're looking for some highly fashionable, versatile and high-quality clothing pieces to complement each other…we got you!

If you and your significant other are ‘The classic duo’, you’ll love the Carbon Black Hoodie and Joggers combo. Whether you are grabbing a quick bite or watching the latest film, you both will be looking fresh, comfortable and stylish. You can even bring in your own accessories and rock your matching tracksuits in your own style… subtle but similar.

More of the ‘Off-duty duo’? We hear you, chilling out is our favourite thing to do! Keep things relaxed and throw on the Chalk Sweatshirt and pair it with the matching Chalk sweat shorts. Get comfy on the sofa and catch up on all your favourite shows - We can’t imagine a better way to spend Valentine’s Day! Finishing your look with an oversized blanket and a box of chocolates for those Valentine’s feels.

Don’t have a Valentine? We have you covered! Whether your plans are to go out for a meal/ drinks with your friends or you’re simply a Valentine’s grinch… The Versa Oversized T-shirt will be your staple piece for the night. For an effortless look, pair it with a blazer or your best cargos… the go-to looks for looking presentable but also not looking like you haven’t tried too hard. Or for a night in alone avoiding the apocalypse of love hearts, roses and everything red… The oversized t-shirt paired with your favourite joggers/ leggings is the outfit to wear to sit and eat ice cream!!

So if you want to be couple goals this Valentine’s grab your Versa staples and level up loungewear together.

Happy Valentine's Day! Team VA x


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